Web and Multimedia Development (GCS)

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Welcome in Web and Multimedia Development class for GCS UNM, Information in the Internet is organized in terms of specially formatted pages, which are called web pages. A web page may contain text, images, graphics, sound clips, video clips, etc. This content of a web page contains links to other  in terms of Hypermedia links. One web page may contain numerous links to other different pages. As a user, you need to load a page in your screen and then locate one of those links and click using a mouse to load another page of information. All web pages in the Internet are potentially linked in such a way that a user can traverse through the entire Web just by clicking on the links.

Materi Pelajaran

Pengenalan HTML


Mid Test WMD

Pada kesempatan ini anda akan Mid Semester. Waktu anda mengerjakan soal tantangan mid selama 1 x60 menit. File yang dikumpulkan file Fireworks (PNG) dan Dreamwaver (HTML), lebih baik lagi kalau satu folder web nya yang di winrar atau winzip kan dan unggah di halamn tugas ini.